Find drivers & software updates with RadarSync


RadarSync helps you search drivers and software updates of programs installed on your computer. It automatically search your computer for installed software and makes a comprehensive list. Then it searches for updates for each software application in the list and provide you direct links to download relevant updates.

It also automatically creates a Windows system restore point, thus allowing you to undo or roll back any change as a result of software update install. You have full control what and which program to update.

You can manually select from the list of software updates and update only software program you want to. Download RadarSync free version, it has all the features of paid Pro version and is ad supported. One cool piece of software to manage system update blues with ease. [Search Drivers  – BackUp Drivers]



  1. longdaddy paul says

    awesome program — thanks! But the version I downloaded was 2009 version, not 2008. I liked the backup feature too.

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