Google Search in Pink with Pinkle !


Most of internet users go to Google to search for stuff they want. So, over the years are you bored of white background and blue text links on Google Search?

If yes, then here is an alternative in the form of pinkle. It is Google search with all over splash of pink color. I am sure girls will love this and boys will hate this. Personally I still prefer the all white look with blue links.

But hey, you can always try this: its all pink. Just search for stuff you usually search for, please do not get into creative or naughty thinking with all that pink color on the screen, what say?

Pinkle Search: PinkleAbout Pinkle from Amy

Pinkle also has a cousin, which is Blackle, its all black. While Pinkle should appeal to pink lovers, story behind blackle is all different. Blackle search is made to save energy based on the context that black color cause less consumption of energy and thus saving the power, mankind, earth… story goes on!

Blackle Search: BlackleAbout Blackle’s Saving Energy!

Now, you have all the options to search in black, pink and more. For me though, the all good white Google search is best, keep Googling the way you like!



  1. there’s this websie that is a purple website it’s kinda cool!

  2. There is a black google with palm trees called

  3. what other -el google searches are ther?

  4. I came across another Pink Google search.

    It looks pretty nice and there are links to make it easy to help fight breast cancer.

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