How to Remove ‘Subscribe to Post’ link in Blogger?


“Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)” link is added to each page on a blogger blog. This link is not of much use and most blogger would like to take it off. Here goes a quick tip in Blogger series after we have covered Blogger Sitemap, change template and compress CSS code.

This link is for RSS feed and is published on each page. Instead of this link hogging space in not so stylish manner, you can use feedburner subscription link or any swanky RSS feed icon.

For a newbie finding code to remove this link isn’t easy. Not to worry, login into blogger dashboard. Then click on Layout > Edit HTML and then search for “<b:include name=’feedLinks’/>”.

Delete this line and the link will be gone. Please note, you should backup the template before making any changes. Click on ‘Download full template’ button located on the same page. More from Blogger world coming soon!



  1. Thank you, worked like a charm!

  2. thanks for the help, makes the blog look more clean without the subscribe button.

  3. roby_man says

    check this blog to remove subscribe (atom) link and solutions to other problems too regarding blogging

  4. thank you boss for helping us

  5. how to make comment form like diz?

  6. Thanks, your tutorial very help me.

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