Inflate, Puncher, Bloat, Gooify pics with Gooifier !


There are number of online image editing tools to help you enhance and improve images. Here is sort of role reversal for some ‘image Gooify fun’ to distort images they way you like with Gooifier.

Just upload an image and start playing with it. You can inflate, puncher, bloat any part of image with mouse. You can adjust size and pressure of brush while rendering effect. Gooifier allows following effects:

  • Move – To move any part of the image resulting in distortion.
  • Bloat – To inflate any part of the image.
  • Pucker – To puncher or deflate any part of the image.

You can save resultant image after you are done with ‘image play’. Even if you don’t want to play with images, you can check user creations in gallery. Some creations are real funny and scary. Ready to Gooify with Gooifier?



  1. Infact thay your funy pic I like it

  2. thats really funny lol gona try it :D:D

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