iPad battery charging problem & usage tips


Unlike many electronic devices, battery in iPad in not user accessible. iPad has an internal rechargeable battery that can only be replaced by an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Sticking to the basic routine of any device with battery, you need to charge the battery when the power level is low.

Battery charge level display

You can see the battery charge status from battery icons displayed at the upper right corner of the status bar. You can easily identify if the battery is charging or already charged.

How to charge battery on iPad

Connect your iPad to a power outlet using the included Dock Connector to USB Cable and 10W USB power adapter. Other method involes connecting ipad to USB ports on a computer system.

iPad battery not charging properly

“… my ipad is not charging even when plugged correctly for charging?” This may happen due to several reasons. You need to note following while charging ipad battery:

The iPad battery may drain instead of charge if iPad is connected to a PC, to a computer that’s turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, to a USB hub, or to the USB port on a keyboard.

Ipad will charge slowly on system while syncing. Problem may occur, if ipad is connected to older PC for charging (they have lower powered USB ports).

So, while charging iPad through USB method – make sure host computer is not on standby, sleep or hibernation mode. Also, prefer to use other method of charging through direct connection to power outlet using 10W USB power adapter.



  1. Same problem here. The charging thru my Dell XPS 1645 (not an ‘old’ computer!) USB/eSata port takes around 12hrs and it takes the same time with the useless 10W wall charger. in both cases the battery icon says- ‘not charging’. Only a battery app that I installed shows it is charging- but 12hrs for a full charge!!!
    What do we do? I bought mine (3G 32GB version) from the US only a week back! You would think Apple would had solved this problem which started way back in April…

  2. Ramesh,
    I have the same issue, amd mine is lying useless, i have Ipad 64gb wifi, and apple guys are useless, link me on iyer@email.com and lets take them to task for not honering th warrenty


  3. Apple has no solution to problems and are high headed not to listen to customer

  4. I have a Brand New Ipad which stopped working and is showing Battery with charging sign. In fact the battery is not getting charged even by using USB port or 10W Adopter supplied with. I have changed all sources but the situation remains same. I can bring Itunes logo on screen but it fails to communicate with PC. I have tried other PCs also having Itunes version 9.2 but no results. The IPAD is lying like a junk as Apple India states they have not launched the product in India so will not give service. The best part is I purchased the product with Warranty which shows they honor the International Warranty in India. India Apple is desisting from giving service inspite of the fact that they have clearly stated they warrant to give service in the given Countires where it states India too. Please see IPAD important product information guide displayed at Apple website. If others are also facing these issues, lets get together and file a suit against Apple to get out of mental torture and wastage of money

  5. Yeah how about the fact that it’s plugged into the wall and it’s still draining the battery. What gives. Battery lasts a long time in general, but when it’s plugged in I still have to let it sit idle in order to charge. I can’t use the device at all or the battery keeps draining. It’s slowed when it’s plugged into the wall charger but still draining.

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