Check laptop battery name, charge capacity & cycles

While using laptop or netbook, battery is an important component to keep eye on. We need to constantly check the status of battery to know how long battery is good to run the portable device. There is in-built Windows functionality for basic battery status which can be enhanced by battery

Tips to improve iPad battery life

Battery degrades and loses its full capacity over a period of time. However, you can adopt few usage practices to slow down this degrade for longer battery life on your iPad device. Following tips should help maintain and improve the time for which iPad will run before it must be recharged

How to replace battery on Apple iPad

Unlike battery on laptop, you cannot access or take out battery on Apple iPad device. It has an internal rechargeable battery which can only be replaced by Apple Authorized Service Provider. So, if your iPad battery goes bad you cannot change it yourself. You need to contact Apple support

iPad battery charging problem & usage tips

Unlike many electronic devices, battery in iPad in not user accessible. iPad has an internal rechargeable battery that can only be replaced by an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Sticking to the basic routine of any device with battery, you need to charge the battery when the power level

Detailed laptop battery status with BatteryBar

In-built Windows utility show the status of battery and indicate if its charging or running out of power. If you want more detailed information with neat graphically loaded display then checkout BatteryBar. It sits on system tray and display all the important battery information in pop-up