New Yahoo Mail Smarter Inbox, first look video


Yahoo Mail has been stuck with blue tone interface for a long time. It did introduce Yahoo Mail Beta which did not find many takers due to slow interface laden with heavy graphics. Yahoo Mail team in now working on Smarter inbox, which for sure looks impressive.

Interface has light tone with minilistic graphics (and useless images). It gives access to most accessed features and of course your emails. As pointed by YahooMail Blog, the smarter Yahoo! Mail inbox also gives you immediate access to relevant third-party applications like Flickr, Flixster and Xoopit allowing you to do much more from within your inbox. Here is the video:

This new Yahoo Mail Smarter inbox is still in beta stage. Only our power users, who were invited into the limited beta, can test out the new applications at – others have to wait. Looks like worth a wait!


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