Download ICQ 7 skins for custom new look

ICQ has launched all new version 7.0 with cool new features. If you have downloaded ICQ 7.0 and now want to give new look to the application, then check out ICQ 7 skins. You can relish handy features of ICQ in new looking ICQ interface by installing any of the 9 available custom ICQ

How to get New Orkut invite

Orkut is hugely popular social networking website in India and Brazil. This Google service just had a refreshing makeover. New Orkut is fresh, crisp and super quick while you access friend scraps, testimonials, photos and much more. Are you still stuck with old Orkut interface? Join

Download new Firefox 3.5 logo, favicon, PSD, OSX icon

New version of Firefox (3.5) should be available in coming week along with new Firefox logo. Overall look of the logo is similar to previous Firefox logo, however some detailing has been modfied to give it fresh look. New logo has its share of critics and fans. Here is glimpse of all new

New Google Logos with font makeover

Google Logos across different Google service has undergone little makeover. New look gives more prominent space to name of specific Google service being used. Product names of each Google service now appear in large, clean, simple blue lowercase type alongside the usual colorful Google

New Yahoo Mail Smarter Inbox, first look video

Yahoo Mail has been stuck with blue tone interface for a long time. It did introduce Yahoo Mail Beta which did not find many takers due to slow interface laden with heavy graphics. Yahoo Mail team in now working on Smarter inbox, which for sure looks impressive. Interface has light tone

Compact Google Reader to view more in less space

Google Reader went for a design makeover losing curves and colors. New design has lot of spacing and things spread out little more. Incase this spacing is too much for you and want to read more stuff in less space then checkout 'Google Reader Absolutely Compact'. It reduces empty space

Google Reader get fresh look with less color & curves

Google Reader just lost its curves and color for new crispy fresh look. Today, when Google Reader window came up - it loaded very quickly with lot of white instead of blue. First thought, my internet connection is buggy and didn't allow style images to load. Well, there was a message at

WordPress 2.7 Demo Looks Interesting, checkout

New version of Wordpress (2.7) should be out in November. Besides the usual de-bugging, Wordpress again gets rejig in user interface.   Top menu has been placed on left side in a a fixed