Twitter Followers & Following pages get new Look

Twitter is buzzing again, this time for its makeover of sorts. Even though not many intermediate and advanced Twitter users go to and prefer using Twitter clients - still, many new Twitter user only know as gateway to Twitter. Checkout the following and followers

New Yahoo Mail Smarter Inbox, first look video

Yahoo Mail has been stuck with blue tone interface for a long time. It did introduce Yahoo Mail Beta which did not find many takers due to slow interface laden with heavy graphics. Yahoo Mail team in now working on Smarter inbox, which for sure looks impressive. Interface has light tone

Compact Google Reader to view more in less space

Google Reader went for a design makeover losing curves and colors. New design has lot of spacing and things spread out little more. Incase this spacing is too much for you and want to read more stuff in less space then checkout 'Google Reader Absolutely Compact'. It reduces empty space

Google Reader get fresh look with less color & curves

Google Reader just lost its curves and color for new crispy fresh look. Today, when Google Reader window came up - it loaded very quickly with lot of white instead of blue. First thought, my internet connection is buggy and didn't allow style images to load. Well, there was a message at