Open rar, tar, tgz files online


Just like ZIP, RAR is a popular format to create compressed archive of files. Do you want to open RAR files online without need to install any software? You can easily do this using online service at “Open RAR files” website. Besides RAR file format, you also work with files of TAR, TGZ and ZIP compression archive formats.

Extract to open RAR archive file online

1. Goto Open RAR File website on your computer.

2. Click “Choose File”, select file of either format (TAR, TGZ, ZIP & RAR).

3. Then click “Decompress Files” button to view the contents.

Create RAR archive files online

1. Click “Choose File” button to select one or more files stored on your computer.

2. Then select Compression format type from the drop down among: TAR, TGZ, ZIP & RAR.

3. Click “Compress Files” button to create compressed archive file.

More RAR file resources

Besides easily creating RAR files on Windows and MAC systems, you can easily open then using free open source 7-zip archiver program. You can also open ZIP files online with free web tools.



  1. is better and it works.

  2. hi i just wants to tell that that site does not work anymore, they are just actually offering an donwload link for 7 zip!

  3. Yes, this is what i need. even if it is NOT FREE

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