Open ZIP & RAR files online in Gmail & Google Docs

ZIP and RAR file format allow easy sending and sharing of multiple files as one single archive file. Ideally, when we receive a ZIP or RAR archive file, we download it and then unzip it to view contents. Downloading and file extraction is done, even when you only want to preview contents

Open rar, tar, tgz files online

Just like ZIP, RAR is a popular format to create compressed archive of files. Do you want to open RAR files online without need to install any software? You can easily do this using online service at "Open RAR files" website. Besides RAR file format, you also work with files of TAR, TGZ

How to create RAR files on Windows, Mac

Just like ZIP compression format, RAR is another similar archive compression format. RAR is an acronym for Roshal Archive, inspired by the name of its developer: Eugene Roshal. Created RAR archive files have .RAR file extension. WinRAR is best software application to create and open RAR

Open RAR files on MAC OSX

Just like ZIP, RAR is a popular archive compression format. There are number of software programs to open RAR files on Windows like 7Zip archiver. Are you looking for an easy way to open RAR file on MAC OSX? UnRarX is a free application to expand rar archives on MAX OSX

Open RAR, TAR, gZIP, ZIP files with free 7-Zip archiver

Generally we bump into ZIP archive files, which are fairly easy to open. Same is not true for opening RAR, TAR and gZIP files. 7-ZIP is free open source utility to open majority of common archive files. After the install, just right click on RAR or any other archive file and goto 7-Zip

How to extract multiple archive ZIP Files in one GO?

Archive (zip, rar etc) file is a good way to share collection of files in an easy and simple manner. However, things can get bit boring and time consuming if you have to unzip and open lots of zip files. Ideally, one would open each archive file one by one and see the

Free File Hosting for only .RAR files at RarHost

There are number free file hosting web services with allows upload and download of files of various types. Here is RarHost that is specifically for RAR files upload and download. You can host unlimited .rar files online and share with friends. 150mb size limit per .rar, split archives