Simply Play & Flaunt your photos with FlauntR


Here comes an excellent option for all those who hate the complexity and time requirement of editing photos in Photoshop or any other editing software. The option is web based online photo editing service FlauntR.

Unlike other similar service, this surely has some kiss ass, heavy loaded options and features to allow you play and finally flaunt your pics. Yes it is absolutely free and is divided into three main section based on functionality as: photostylR, photoeditR and photoprofilR.

PhotostylR, as the name suggest lets u add some style and extra zing to photos in the form of one click effects, photo frames, filters, overlays and digital scrapbook styles. PhotoeditR, let you perform basic photoeditor things that matter the most to reach out for to fix that red eye, contrast etc. PhotoprofilR, One click photo profile creation for more than 30 social networks.

You can also import you Flickr photos in this online service and play with them. Feature to get printouts of final images created using FlauntR will soon be added. Interface of the service in very clean with that distinctive web 2.0 look.

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Even inner editor has neatly placed elements. However, I would like it to load bit faster. Nevertheless this service is something that you should try once, I am sure you will end up playing with more and more photos, happy playing!


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