Sync Contacts & files between PC & Phone for Free


Incase phone is lost, you lose all the stored contacts! Microsoft Phone Data Manager [Free] allows ‘Worry Free Mobile life’ with ability to synchronize contacts, files between PC and phone.

This free application from Microsoft enables you to synchronize your phone contacts with Microsoft’s Windows Live Contacts store in the cloud or by helping you download files from the phone to your local computer.

After you sync phone contacts with Live account, all your contacts will be available online. You can easily restore those contacts on any phone (in case you buy a new phone). You can edit, delete contacts and sync them to reflect same contacts on phone and PC.

It also allows you to download music, pictures and videos present in your phone to a local folder on the computer. You can use bluetooth or USB cable to make Microsoft Phone Data Manager interact with your phone.

Download Microsoft Phone Data Manager and enjoy worry free mobile life. Never lose contacts and keep them in sync online and on your phone. Even download media from mobile to your PC – need more?



  1. magicalmarty says

    Defunct for now – don’t work.. here’s why…

    The current beta is now closed and the next version will become available soon (March

    2009). The way Phone Data Manager beta interacts with the backend contacts service is

    changing, and the current version is not compatible with the new method, leading to this

    error message. There is no work around currently available and we apologize for the

    inconvenience. You can still use Phone Data Manager to backup your photos, videos and

    music files. All contacts that were synced earlier are accessible through Windows Live


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