Free HotFile downloader to auto download files


We have seen number of downloader managers like: JDownloader, MassFile Downloader and MDownloader for automatic download files from popular file hosting websites. Majority of these downloader programs focus on Rapidshare and Megashare files downloading. HFAD (HotFile AutoDownloader) is a free downloader software specially for downloading files from website.

Features of HotFile Auto Downloader

1. Help easy downloading of multiple links one by one.
2. Supports Shutdown / LogOff / Restart after download is complete.
3. Allows you to load and save download list.


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This program helps in easy downloading of multiple files from in a sequence (one by one). Note: This version doesn’t support Captcha recognizer. So you can only download files less than 150MB from hotfile website. Still good enough to make life easy while downloading files from website. Download HotFile Auto Downloader



  1. Nice idea but it doesn´t deliver. A downloader is supposed to AUTOMATIZE the download process. This tool, doesn´t do that, you still need to click all those buttons in order to start the download. It doesn´t even automatically recognize and insert copied link. So where´s the functionality?

  2. For everyone that has problems in windows 7

    *Go to your hotfile installation directory usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\\HotFile AutoDownloader”
    *Right click on “HotFileAutoDownloader” Click Properties
    *Click the “Compatibility” tab and check “Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (SP3)”
    *Run program

    • You can just unplug the router/modem to get a new ip address if you do not want to wait 20 mins for your next download to start.

  3. Dangerously says

    thanks for the hotfile downloader

  4. Not working…

  5. my hot file auto downloader not working
    when iam copy the link that time earr will come
    what to do i cont under stand thes problems ‘
    please help me some body

  6. good joßß..

  7. its a nice software dude…..:-)

  8. I think it is not so bad as you writing…. thaks for that

  9. Alice Nobodystein says


  10. Not Working, it says You are currently downloading..

    Free users are allowed to only one parallel download..

  11. POINTLESS software. It doesn’t do what it SHOULD do. It allows only one file and is extremely slow to recognize links or any functionally working link on hotfile.

    Good idea, just bad software. Would be nice if it worked for more than one file at a time!

  12. Horrible.. cant put in account to autodownload so no functionality

  13. thank you a lot for sharing this useful software

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