Use Google +1 button on any website


Google has launched +1 button that allows you to share websites (and webpages) you like through your Google account and +1 service. Ideally, any webmaster or blogger can add Google +1 to website or blog he owns. However, there could be instances when your favourite website do not have Google +1 button? No worries, you can easily add and use Google +1 button on any website or webpage of your choice. However, for this you need to use Google Chrome browser for surfing internet and install ‘+1 Plus One’ extension.

Use Google +1 button on any website / webpage

1. Launch Google Chrome browser and open +1 Plus One page to download this Chrome extension.

2. Click Install button to complete automatic installation of this extension. Once install it complete, you should notice +1 button on top menu toolbar of Chrome browser.

3. Now open website that you want to +1 and click +1 button on the toolbar. This will expand the button and click it once again.

4. A new pop-up window will open for  Google account login (if not already logged in). Enter your login details for logging into your Google account to use Google +1 service.

5. After successful login, you should see screen with ‘confirm and +1’ button. Click on it to confirm click of your +1 button for specific webpage or website.

For sure a more easy and quick way to use Google +1 button rather than manually looking for Google +1 button on your favorite websites (which might be missing on some websites).


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