How to view full email headers in Gmail


Email headers provide detailed information about email sender. By default, only email sender’s email ID is displayed when you open any email in Gmail inbox. To more details like sender’s IP address, URL domain and more, you can open full email header of any email message received on your Gmail email address.

Open Full email header on Gmail

1. Open & login into your account.
2. Click to open any email message in the inbox.
3. Then click down arrow next to reply button & click ‘Show Original’ option.

A new window will open showing full email header information. Using this procedure you can see full email header details of any received email message.



  1. this is great ……………….
    i was serching for it for 2days

  2. Hi Ellio,

    You’re a genius. I’ve been searching for this solution for weeks!

    Thanks for the great tip.


  3. Switch to html view, open the mail and find where is written “show original”.
    Click on it and additional window will open with the information you need.

  4. this does not tell the original ip address of the sender

    • Elliot Nahas says

      Hello All,

      I believe I found a way for the Gmail …”show details” to stay always enabled.
      I could not find any tip , trick or answer on the Web when I searched and searched for an answer, so by luck I discovered it and probably it was not intended for this (the ‘Show Details’ to stay enabled) but fortunately I got what I needed from this discovery, here it is:

      Click on the very bottom of your screen, click “basic HTML” …and this will flash your screen turning it to a similar screen but in mode of “basic HTML” which will allow you, once you open any of your inbox mail to see automatically the list of all receipients and their addresses (SO, NO need here to click ‘Show details’ anymore!)

      Then to go back to original Default, you can click on “Standard HTML”

      –Ellio Nahas

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