25 New Silly Windows Live Messenger Emoticons


Microsoft launched Minimise-Me to help you create personalized emoticons and avatars for Windows Live Messenger. If you don’t feel like creating one and still want to add some freshness, then check this out.

MSN Columbia has released a set of 25 New Emoticons for Windows Live Messenger. They are jazzy and silly enough to prep up your Live Messenger experience. Download [link] the full set and start disturbing your messenger friends.

You can also add super animated emoticons to messenger using Bandoo package. Need more? Check the previous release of Live Messenger Emoticons by Microsoft.



  1. You can use SweetIM! It’s much better than Bandoo or any other extension – it is stable (at least for me and my friends), it expose ton’s of content (Emoticons, Winks, Sound Effects, Video, Games, and more). This is my recommendation-I enjoy this product very very much:)
    You can find it at: http://www.sweetim.com

  2. I like teasing my friends with such emotions. Now I have more tools added to my bag. Thanks for the knowledge Davinder.

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