How to use 1000 new Gmail smiley emoticons

Google keep adding new features and goodies to their Gmail email service. After introduction of colorful emoticons (which happened long time back in 2008), Gmail has added over 1000 brand new smiley emoticons. Now there is animated smiley to showcase almost any emotion and

How to disable smileys in Facebook chat & comments

Simley emoticons have existed on Facebook chat for a long time. Now smileys are also support in Facebook comments (and messages). As a result, expect to see lot more smileys splashed on your screen while you browse Facebook website. While few users love Facebook emoticons and smileys,

Official list of Facebook Chat smiley Emoticons

Facebook itself is fun with users engaging in by sending messages, sharing photos, videos, commenting, forming groups of interest. Emoticons (or smileys) is another aspect of Facebook that provide visual fun. Officially, Facebook support lot of smiley emoticons in comments and chat

Add emoticons on iPad with Emoji keyboard

Do you want to add and use cool looking emoticon icons and buttons on your Apple iPad? With iOS 5 update, you can automatically add cool looking emoticons by enabling emoji keyboard. Once Emoji keyboard is activated, you can access huge collection of colorful and jazzy icons. Further you

How to send ‘Like’ emoticon in Facebook chat

Facebook's Like button is a very familiar thing on the internet. Like button resemble thumbs up shaped icon. Now you can use this like icon (button) as smiley emoticon during Facebook chat. So, if you like something your friend just wrote on Facebook chat - you can quickly appreciate it by

How to use new Skype emoticons for animated fun

Bored of usual emoticon images in Skype program? Well, Skype has beefed up with brand new animated emoticon images. As expected, new Emoticons are crazily animated and funny.  They for sure can bring more fun while you chat with friends and family on Skype. These new emoticons are only

View recently used Emoticons in Gmail

Emoticons (emoji) can be used to decorate messages send through Gmail. You can express variety of feelings using different type of animated and colorful emoticon images. Gmail has 100+ emoticon options and it can be tough ask choosing the right one. You can simplify and make the process of

Yahoo Messenger Valentine with Hearts IMVironment

With more people restricted to computers and internet, there are newer ways to show love and affection on special days like Valentine Day. You can give Windows 7 operating system a makeover with Valentine Day Lacy Hearts theme or create Valentine Day e-cards or those good old Valentine Day

Make own custom Emoticons: Free Emotemaker

Emoticons can be real fun: they are funny, refreshing and bring smile to the face. Want to create own custom emoticon? Emotemaker is a free program that allows you to create customized emoticons with user defined shape and other elements. It has simple, easy to use interface with loads of

Download free winks & emoticons gift pack on 10th Messenger anniversary

Windows Live Messenger is celebrating its 10th birthday with all the glitz and gift for its users. To mark this occasion, Messenger team has released free gift pack download that contains cool winks, emoticons and other stuff to dress up your Windows Live Messenger. Grab the download pack

4th July Independence Day YM avatars & emoticons

Independence Day (4th of July) you could be busy doing own thing enjoying the special day. You can bring the flavour of Independence Day to your online world with Yahoo Messenger. Official blog has listed some cool goodies to get going with 4th July Independence Day online activities on

100+ new emoticons in Gmail for animated fun

Gmail added handful of new emoticons last year in Oct 2008. This year Gmail has opened flood gates and added hundreds of cool new animated emoticons. Now Gmail users have access to loads of new emoticons to express any feeling with text decorated with animated icons. Related - Add