5 Ways to Catch Hidden Yahoo Messenger Friends


Yahoo Messenger addicts will love the following ways to catch Yahoo Messenger friends you are actually online in invisible mode.

There are number of ways to find invisible Yahoo Messenger friend. This includes using free web based services to downloading a desktop application. Here goes the cool list:

1. Xeeber Enter the Yahoo ID whose status you want know. It will provide you information if that yahoo ID is hidden or offline. This web service has simple and easy to use interface. However be patient as it takes some time to dish out the result.

2. Invisible.ir Another free and useful alternative to dig out the status of your Yahoo Messenger friends. Just enter the Yahoo ID and press the Enter key – that is it.

3. Buddy Spy It is a program for Yahoo Messenger status checking. With Buddy Spy you can now bypass Yahoo Messenger’s Invisible Settings with ease. With its intuitive interface Buddy Spy offers you the ability to see if your friend is truly online or if they are invisible. Not only does Buddy Spy offer you online checking, but it will also tell you whether your friend is in a Chat Room or even if their Web Cam is online.

4. BuddyCheckAs the name suggests, it will help you keep check on your Yahoo Messenger buddies. With BuddyCheck you can see if they are online even if they set their status to invisible. Please note, this software has trial and paid versions.

5. Doodle IMvironmentThere is another method by loading Doodle IMvironment in your Yahoo Messenger. Besides alternatives of Stealth Settings Check, Voice Chat and Conference Invitation.

While using Xeeber and Invisible.ir you may get ‘server busy’ message. Simply refresh the webpage and try again for the result. Xeeber worked well for me – how about you?



  1. try with ydetector.com

  2. buddy spy is bu LL.

    i’ve traced a buddy who was available, while i was talking to her on messenger. buddy spy couldn’t find her = apparently she was offline – LOL

  3. xeeber2 is not working i have check that don’t trust it…..

  4. what the heck is wrong with YAHOO profile. I have it in hidden mode yet buzz and other yahoo sites still show my profile name and the articles that i’ve buzzed etc. . I WANT privacy please ! Hidden profile should be hidden and not have all sorts of secret issues to discover down the road. Seems to me that Google buzz got a lawsuit and they had to pay out already for this same problem, seems all sites including google get same treatment or LEARN to make private profiles private like the old days.
    these bogus apps above don’t work or require money to activate, like oh yeah, we so stupid …. NOT !

  5. Another useful website ybuddy.info, it can:
    – Check the status: online, invisible, offline
    – View and download avatar
    – Add nick
    – Send the message
    – View the profile
    – 100% correct, never busy

  6. i need my old yahoo messenger with all old my frindes in my yahoo messenger

  7. Check out my-messenger.net/index.html for more tips and tricks on Yahoo Messenger 10

  8. old all my yahoo messnger frineds


  10. well xeeber works really gud……..
    try that on xeeber2.com

  11. is there a way to know who is chatting with whom??

  12. can i find out if a friend signs in to another ym ID after they go offline?

  13. buddy spy is a trojan.. dun try it. my anti virus has detected….

  14. can we find out buddy is chatting with whom?

  15. i want friends

  16. i want friends

  17. Raven, Thanks for the warning =)

  18. Hi, I tried this seemingly safe BUDDY CHECK application … beware it asks for your ID & PWD and misuses it for God knows what not. Refrain from using that application, it will messup your user profile and won’t stop until you manage to reset you PWD to something else. It doesn’t get detected as a spyware but in reality it seems it is. I recently tried it so thought I would warn everyone else.

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