Hide Hard drive partitions, icons in My Computer


Do you want to hide specific hard drive partition from My Computer? Ideally, this will require editing of specific registry keys and majority of Windows users might mess with whole operating system while trying to do so. NoDrives Manager makes this all easy and quick without need to get dirty with manual registry editing process.


Download NoDrives Manager, unzip and double click to launch the utility. Click to select drive letters that you want to hide and then click on “Hide all drives” button. You can also unhide previously hidden drives using options on same utility. Simple and handy tool for hiding drives that you dont want other users to access on the computer.



  1. Transcontinental says

    Microsoft’s good old TweakUI performs same task among others. Still, nice little app, thanks :)

    • I wonder if this affects drives using readyboost tech too? aka, if i hide these from my compuer, will the system still be able to use the drives to boost my computer?

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