Rename & change Hard Drive partition letter

Now a days due to large capacity hard drives (like 500GB), we tend to partition hard drive into more partitions for easy management of files and data. Each partition is assigned separate letter like C, D, E, F, G and so on. Do you want to modify this drive letter assignment of hard drive

Hard disk status LED light on system tray

Incase you love to spice up desktop with some fancy stuff along with little functionality, then DiskLED is for you. It shows Hard drive status LED light blinking on the system tray. Just like we have physical hard drive status light in the front of CPU tower, you can get similar virtual

Hard drive SMART information to check hard disk problems

Hard drive is at the heart of any computer, if it goes bad - one can lose all the information and system wont start at all. To can take preventive steps, you can check Hard drive for any possible 'technical' problems by looking through SMART information. SMART stands for Self-Monitoring,

See HardDrive details: partitions, bytes, sectors, tracks

Technical details can be overwhelming, specially when displayed in unformatted manner. There are number of utilities to view basic hardware / software details of a computer like portable Speccy and system information tool. Ever wanted to see finer details of hard drive (partitions) on your

See Free disk space on hard drive paritions

Geeks would know where to go to check free disk space of specific drive on the computer. Well, everyone is not geek and checking manually for free disk space on each drive can be time consuming and boring routine. DiskInfo is a free utility that makes this routine quick and good looking.

Format drive volume larger than 32GB as FAT 32

By default Windows does not allows you to format volume drive larger than 32GB as FAT 32 file system. Fat32 Format is a portable utility that allows you to overcome this size limitation. Using this utility you can format volume drives with large size as FAT32 file system. It for sure

Hide Hard drive partitions, icons in My Computer

Do you want to hide specific hard drive partition from My Computer? Ideally, this will require editing of specific registry keys and majority of Windows users might mess with whole operating system while trying to do so. NoDrives Manager makes this all easy and quick without need to get

Measure Hard disk temperature with command line utility

Are you interesting in knowning temperature condition of hard drive(s) on the computer? DiskTemp is free command line utility to see Hard drive temperature (in degree celcius). This small program accesses the SMART data provided by some hard disks and the BIOS for the final temperature of

Create VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) from physical disk for use in Virtual PC

For starters: VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) is a file format for Microsoft Virtual machines for use in Microsoft Virtual PC and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). Disk2vhd is a free utility to create VHD from physical disk for further use in Virtual PC on your Windows based

Change Hard drive volume serial number without re-formatting

Hard drive is assigned a new disk serial number when you format whole drive or specific partition. Number of software programs installed on computer use this serial number as reference to function. "Hard Disk Serial Number Changer" is a free utility that allows you to change hard disk

Analyse hard drive space in real time [Portable app]

It is very important to know which software, application, folders and files are taking up space on your hard drive. Ideally one can access that information in Windows explorer in very user unfriendly and boring manner. Make this more interesting and real time with Space

See data transfer rate of hard disk, CD/DVD drive

HD Speed is a simple and useful utility to measure and view data transfer rates of hard disk, cd/dvd-rom, flash cards/stick and floppy drive on your computer. It displays both sustained and burst data transfer rates for selected device. Data transfer rates are shown in real time in a