Remove right click menu items in Internet Explorer

Right click menu of Internet Explorer browser can become cluttered over a period of time. As new software are installed, few may add their item entry into right click menu of Internet explorer. Fortunately, you can easily edit and clean up right click menu of IE by making registry

Disable Open file security warning in Windows 7

While installing a particular application which modifies the registries of the Windows 7, a specific Open File- System Warning appears on the screen which pops up notification whether to Run that file or cancel the installation. It happens generally when you open an executable .exe or

Hide Hard drive partitions, icons in My Computer

Do you want to hide specific hard drive partition from My Computer? Ideally, this will require editing of specific registry keys and majority of Windows users might mess with whole operating system while trying to do so. NoDrives Manager makes this all easy and quick without need to get

Enable task manager, folder options, registry & hidden files

Suddenly, Windows task manager has been disabled / grayed out and you cannot click on option to open it. Also, cannot open folder options to enable viewing of hidden files / folders, Windows search box does not open - these are few after effects of virus attack on Windows computer. Even

Download portable Windows Registry Editor alternative

Windows Registry Editor is a powerful way to edit, manage and check different system / application features on the computer. If you do not like default RegEdit Windows Registry Editor, then tryout more powerful and fully portable O&O RegEditor. Just download and double click to launch

Add new application programs to Windows startup

Application programs in Windows startup are very important. For starters, these program load at Windows OS start. We have already seen cool utility WhatsInStartup that allows you to see all the program applications loading at Windows start on your computer. It also allows you to enable or

View list of Registered DLL, OCX & EXE files

Checking for registered DLL, OCX and EXE files on the computer is not easy. However, small utility RegDllView makes this real easy by pulling all information in one interface. It displays list of registered DLL, OCX, EXE files and their respective information in clean tabulated

Programs loading at Windows start, WhatIn Startup

It is very important to know programs loading at Windows start. While there is manual way of using Msconfig utility to see such details, everyone isn't comfortable with it. What In Startup is a cool utility to easily see list of programs loading at Windows start. It does not require

‘AutoRuns’ show super details of startup programs

Number of programs load during Windows startup. MSConfig utility can be used to see list of such programs - if you are hungry for more (super) details, tryout 'AutoRuns'. This utility has the most comprehensive knowle