Automatically Hide desktop icons when PC is idle or inactive

When Windows PC is left idle for some time, it locks by itself. Few users disable this feature and keep PC active all the time irrespective of inactivity or idle period. While you are away from PC, other users can easily see icons, folders and application programs on the desktop of your

How to hide or show Desktop icons on Windows PC

Desktop icons provide quick access to files, folders and application programs on Windows PC. While icons on desktop are useful, too many icons can make desktop look cluttered and un-organized. Few users like clean and organized desktop look with full view of a desktop wallpaper. One can

Remove / hide Clock from Windows 7 taskbar

Clock showing time and date information at right side of taskbar is default feature on Windows operating system. Do you want to remove or hide clock from Windows 7 taskbar? Few users may want to remove clock for neater looking taskbar or there could be other reason for the same. Windows 7

Show more / all icons on Windows 7 system tray

System tray is area next to Windows clock showing application icons. You can quickly open applications by clicking icons on the system tray. Be default, it only show icons of few applications. Do you want to display more or all icons on system tray area on Windows 7 PC? You can easily make

Hide ‘Home’ button on Chrome address toolbar

Not many users click 'Home' button next to address bar in Google Chrome browser. You can easily hide or remove the home button (icon) on Chrome address toolbar for more neater looking browser. It can be hidden or displayed back using home button options in Google Chrome settings

Hide Hard drive partitions, icons in My Computer

Do you want to hide specific hard drive partition from My Computer? Ideally, this will require editing of specific registry keys and majority of Windows users might mess with whole operating system while trying to do so. NoDrives Manager makes this all easy and quick without need to get

Icons: Save position, hide, make background transparent

Iconoid is all in one utility to manage icons and its related aspects in few simple clicks. It allows you to save and restore icon position for every screen resolution. You can make background of all icons transparent or select any solid background color of your choice. Related -