No ‘call phone’ button in Gmail


You can make calls to any phone number by clicking ‘call phone’ button in chat box (on left side) of Gmail inbox. Is ‘call phone’ button missing in your Gmail account? There could be number of reasons for no ‘call phone’ button within your Gmail inbox. You can check following to get ‘call phone’ button for using calling functionality in Gmail.

1. Check Gmail display language

As of now, the Call phone feature of Gmail is only available to Gmail accounts in English (US). So, make sure Gmail account is set to the correct language.

– Login into Gmail account and goto ‘Settings’.

– On General tab, make sure drop down menu next to Gmail display language has “English (US)”.

2. Phased rollout of this feature

For the start, this feature is available to Gmail users in US and Canada region. Gmail users in other countries may have to wait for sometime before Google enables ‘call phone’ feature in a phased manner.

3. Voice & Video plugin install

Make sure you install voice and video plugin on your computer to use ‘call phone’ functionality in Gmail inbox.

4. Did you disable ‘call phone’ feature

Incase you have disabled phone calling feature in Gmail, make sure you enable it to get back the ‘call phone’ button for calling any phone from Gmail inbox.



  1. SOLVED: DISAPPEARING CALL PHONE ICON in gmail. YEAH! I had updated my gmail to the new google hangout thingey. My “Call Phone” option disappeared in Gmail on all browsers. I finall went to my Down arrow next to my icon in the bottom left corner of my Gmail and it said “Revert Back to Old Chat” or something like that. AND BINGO BANGO Done! My Call Phone Icon came back. WOW, I had been searching for that simple solution for months since it disappeared. Had to wade through hours of crap to finally figure out that the new google hangout option screws everything up.

    • To be a little more clear, to “Revert Back To Old Chat” was found on the down arrow next to my picture icon in the bottom left of Gmail in the Google Chat section way underneath your folders on the left hand column at the bottom. At least that is where I found that option. I AM SO HAPPY TO FIGURE THAT OUT!!!

  2. I am not getting chat & phone option on my gmail. please help

  3. THANK YOU. I changed the language to English US (it was French) and it worked!!!!!!!

  4. You can use the google voice all phone feature in any country now. Just click on my name to be taken to the solution.

  5. If you are in the UK, and your call phone button recently disappeared, check out the site below.

  6. when this facility is available in india and then provide software ?

  7. but how to enable the serivce , if i have disabled ,

    i got the dial pad in some times but today now its not getting why it is like that and iam from india

    • So im happy to know that iam not alone but some more fellow indians are there like me facing this problem.. I feel that GMAIL servers might have fumbled for a day and thought that out IPs are US IPs…

      Hope they get this activated soon…

  8. Madhu S. Kapoor says

    Today Morning without any setting I was able to see this but now I am not able to see this in India, I think Google server got misread my IP as USA IP :)

  9. yup jus change the language to English(US).. will work.. thanks..

  10. Is this facility available in UAE?

  11. hi ,
    im from India ,and all the above conditions are fulfilled ,but it isnt working for me ..
    din’t this service start in india yet

  12. WoW… That was easy… Thanks for your help

  13. can we call from gmail without opening inbox? I mean through any softphone?

  14. Ramkrishna Chaulgain says

    it really worked.!!

  15. just change ur language to English US and it will appear immediately

    • Hi,

      No! it Doesn’t! I have no idea why! I used to have it until yesterday! it disappeared all of a sudden! :(

  16. hi,When this feature would be available in India?I have installed plugin but can’t see Phone call in Gmail.

  17. when this facility is available in U.A.E?

  18. Hi….Thank you so much for the tip. It worked perfectly

  19. hi it tried this.. but still its not working..
    plz help..

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