View phone calls history in Gmail

You can easily view history details of calls made in Gmail. You can see details of outgoing calls, voicemails and received calls made through phone calling feature in Gmail inbox powered by Google Voice. This helps you track which calls were made or received and see other associated

How to receive phone calls in Gmail

You can easily make quick phone call by clicking 'call phone' button in chat window on left side of Gmail inbox. To receive phone calls in Gmail, you need to make sure of few things. Besides the basic requirements of 'video - voice plugin' [], mic, headphones, gmail account -

Add credit money for Gmail phone calls

As of now, phone calls for US and Canada are free for rest of 2010 year. Phone Calling from Gmail powered by Google Voice for other countries can be done at nominal rates. Calling rates are different for each country []. You can add credit or load money for making

No ‘call phone’ button in Gmail

You can make calls to any phone number by clicking 'call phone' button in chat box (on left side) of Gmail inbox. Is 'call phone' button missing in your Gmail account? There could be number of reasons for no 'call phone' button within your Gmail inbox. You can check following to get 'call

Disable ‘phone calling’ feature in Gmail

'Call phone' feature in Gmail allows you to call any phone number within Gmail inbox interface. Few users may not want to use this phone calling feature in Gmail. You can easily turn off and disable 'call phone' functionality in Gmail inbox in few simple steps. After this, you cannot make

Make free phone calls from Gmail

Gmail now has all the goodness of calling any phone number (just like we do using Skype). Google is slowly rolling out phone calling feature powered by Google Voice from within Gmail inbox interface. Using this, you can make phone calls with a click of a button by logging into Gmail