Set default font style & size in MS Word 2010


For uniform look of Word documents, you can set default font style settings including font type and size. Once you set default font, all new documents will use that font style settings. This is a very useful feature for users who work at length creating and editing Word documents, providing them uniform look and document interface.

Customize default Font settings in Word 2010

1. Launch MS Word 2010, goto File > New to start blank document or open any existing word document file.

2. Click Font Dialog Box Launcher on Home tab and then click Font tab.

3. Then change and configure font style (type and size) that you want to set default.

4. Click ‘Set As Default’ and then click OK to set specific font style as default.

For quick formatting and customizing look of Word document you can use Style Sets for pre-defined themes.



  1. Ray Marik says

    Suddenly one document is printing out in about 8 point font. It has previously been saved as 12 point which I need. Document loads on the screen in 12 point, and suddenly shifts to 8 point. Menu indcates it is 12 point, but it is not. Also, right margin is 3 inches wide. Margin setting on menu is 1 1/2 inches, but it is not. Please help.
    Thank you, Ray

  2. Dee S. Johnson says

    I cannot follow instruction #4 because I am not told where to find the words
    “Set as Default.” Why are not giving the instructions for finding these words?

  3. I want to enlarge the size of the font in the ribbon display. Apparently Windows 2010’s default font size for the ribbons is only about 10. I can’t figure out how to enlarge the font size. BTW, Ctrl + is not the answer.

  4. Well! I still can’t get that to work. Either something wrong with me or something wrong with Office 2010!!

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