How to increase text font size on iPad screen

Is text on your iPad screen too small to read properly? Due to iPad tablet form factor and screen size, few users may find it hard to read text content with comfort on iPad. Thankfully, you can increase font size of the text for comfortable reading and viewing of content displayed on iPad

Set default font style & size in MS Word 2010

For uniform look of Word documents, you can set default font style settings including font type and size. Once you set default font, all new documents will use that font style settings. This is a very useful feature for users who work at length creating and editing Word documents,

Increase font size of Firefox address bar URL text

Do you find address bar URL text too small? You can easily improve readability of URL in the Firefox address bar by increasing its font size. "Make Address Bar Font Size Bigger" Firefox plugin increases font size of text in the address bar. Bigger font looks better with more visibility and

Convert PX to EM format body font size online

PX and EM are two different ways or format measure to configure body font size in any web project. We often set font in the px (pixel) format like 12px. However, these days many web designer use em format over px (not sure why). Incase your are confused in relative conversion of PX to EM