View emails ‘to & from’ specific contact ID in Gmail


We tend to send and receive emails between number of email IDs or contacts. Do you want to view email messages sent or received from specific email ID contact in Gmail? You can easily do this by filtering emails from any email ID within your Gmail inbox using ‘recent conversation’ option.

Emails from specific ID from contacts window

1. Login into your Gmail account inbox.

2. Click ‘contacts’ link at top left and then click on specific email ID contact.

3. On the contact description screen, click ‘View recent conversations’ button at the bottom to see email messages from and to specific email ID or contact.

Emails from specific ID from inbox

1. Login into your Gmail account and goto inbox.

2. Hover mouse over any ID or contact. Then click ‘more’ button in the pop-up box and click ‘recent conversation’ option.

3. Next screen will display messages received from or sent to specific email ID.

You can also view email messages from specific email ID by using direct search and sort filter in Gmail search box at the top.


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