Formatting options to Paste copied text in Word 2010


Do you want to want to paste copied text without formatting or with different formatting style? Microsoft Word 2010 ‘Paste options’ allow you to paste text in different formatting styles with ability to preview before final paste. This makes easy copy – paste of text between tables from Web pages, charts and graphics from documents, presentations, or workbooks and other content from your notes or email messages.

Use Paste Options in Word 2010 documents

Goto to Clipboard group on the Home tab and then click arrow under the Paste button to see Paste Options. Over over different paste options to live preview paste text formatting before finalizing the paste text action.

You can select and use either of paste options including: Keep Source Formatting (it retains original copied document formatting in the paste text in Word document), Merge Formatting (it will merge formatting of copied document with formatting of document where text paste is done), Keep Text Only (removes all formatting in the paste text), Use Destination Styles (removes original document formatting and use formatting of document where your paste text).



  1. “Formatting options to Paste copied text in Word 2010”
    was extremely pleasurable and instructive! In todays world that
    is challenging to achieve. I am grateful, Thurman

  2. Seems we all have the same problem, so what’s the solution, how can this be resolved? Someone pls help.

    • You need to write some text first and format it in some recognisable way.
      Then select and copy. Now put the cursor in a new location and click the paste drop down arrow. You should now see that you have options: keep the original formatting, merge the formatting with the new location, or keep text only in the default format.

  3. Yes, I too have had this problem for several weeks now. Would appreciate it if someone who knows how to fix it and could post a solution. I have spent hours trying to figure it out…. HELP!!

  4. Henry Cox says

    fix it Microsoft! So annoying

  5. Albert Beaupre says

    Same here. What gives? This is a really stupid problem to have.

  6. stefanos says

    me too

  7. lila winter says

    How come the only paste option I get is unformatted text??? Even though I have “keep source formatting” for pasting within the same document.

    • I’m having the same problem!!

    • Jason Crane says

      Same Here, I need my paste options, not just unformatted text.

    • Vernon Mackey says

      I am having the same problem. In fact I just spent the last 1.5 hours trying to fix it, thinking I must have done something wrong. This is soooooooo annoying. if this is a program problem, then yes Microsoft…please fix this.

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