How to bold, italics, underline text in email app on iPad

Mail application on iPad is more feature rich after iOS 5 software update. Besides all new mark mail as unread feature for email messages, you can also format selected text in email message. Mail application on iPad and iPhone support set of new text formatting tools that allow you to make

Shortcut to copy text without formatting in Chrome

Do you want to copy some text without text formatting with quick keyboard shortcut key? You can easily do this in Google Chrome browser using 'Copy without formatting' extension. It allows you to copy text from any website without text formatting for font type, size, color and so on. While

Send stylish & colorful text email in Yahoo Mail

Bored of usual looking text style and color while sending emails to friends? Now you can spice up text with radical looking stylish text and colors in Yahoo Mail using "My Cool Fonts" app. This app feature allow you to style email text with different looking font styles and color. Best

Strikethrough, superscript & subscript text in MS Word

Besides formatting text by changing font type, size and color - you can also use strikethrough, superscript & subscript text for more styling. Strikethrough adds a line horizontally in the middle of selected text. You can also style vertical positioning by using superscript &

Remove & clear text formatting in Word 2010

You can style text in Word document manually or quick Style Sets for instant customization of text formatting. At times, we need to remove all text formatting from all or selected text. This can be easily done in Microsoft Word 2010 program by clicking 'Clear Formatting button'. This

Change look of Word documents with Style Sets

Are you bored of default look of Microsoft Word documents? You can give fresh look to Word documents by changing style of different elements. Manually changing color, text size, font type etc will take lot of time and effort. You can quickly change style with greater perfection using

How to italic text in Facebook chat

Facebook chat is a cool way to stay in touch with Facebook buddies. Besides normal text typing, you can use different text formatting to add little spice to Facebook chat experience. We have already seen how to bold and underline text in Facebook chat. So, do you want to use italic text in

How to bold & underline text on Facebook chat

Are you bored of usual simple text typing on Facebook chat? Add some spice while chatting with friends on Facebook by using different text formatting. You can easily make text bold or underline without using any external help. Just wrap text in * and _ for bold and underline text

Formatting options to Paste copied text in Word 2010

Do you want to want to paste copied text without formatting or with different formatting style? Microsoft Word 2010 'Paste options' allow you to paste text in different formatting styles with ability to preview before final paste. This makes easy copy - paste of text between tables from

How to bend, skew, rotate text in Photoshop

Are you bored of usual looking text display? Besides the vertical text in Photoshop, there are number of ways to stylize and play around with text. You can rotate, bend, skew to wrap text in different shapes for a unique looking text display on an image or a blank canvas. Rotate text in

Type Vertical text on photos in Photoshop

It is a normal practise to type only horizontal text on images and other creative material. If you are a Photoshop user, then you can easily type text in vertical direction as against normal horizontal direction. Vertical text looks more appealing and can a better option for specific type

Change Uppercase & Lowercase text in MS Word

Changing text case between uppercase, lowercase, capitalization is common routine for user dealing with lot of text files. You can easily change text case in Microsoft Word program by using keyboard shortcut keys. Just select the text and press Shift + F3 (press & hold Shift key and