How to Copy text without formatting in Firefox

We often copy text from webpage and save them for future reading in the form of word documents. By default, text formatting like font size, style, color also accompanies copied text in the final document. There are utilities that strip text formatting from clipboard text on Windows and MAC

Remove clipboard Text formatting on Mac

We have seen number of free programs like Plain Text, Strip Mail to remove text formatting from clipboard text on Windows OS. Are you looking for similar free utility for MAC OSX system? Plain Clip is simple and free utility to remove clipboard text formatting with ease on MAC OSX

Change default email text font, style, color in Gmail

Majority of email users do not bother changing text style, just quickly type message and click send button. But things are changing and now users prefer to style the email text with specific font type, size and color before sending it. By default, you have to manually change the text style

Type text backward in reverse: text turner

Want to freak out your Messenger and other online friends? Text Turner should come handy for some fun with text. It allows you to write any text in backward direction. It displays any typed text in reverse, which you can copy and paste anywhere for 'text' fun with friends. After the

Print any webpage neatly: bookmarklet removes unwanted text, images, formatting

Besides the main content, evey webpage consists of other elements like advertisements, images, formatted tables, columns and much more. Printing webpage in original format does not produce result for easy reading. Also, it leads to unnecessary wastage of printer ink and paper.

Remove text formatting & paste unformatted text with keyboard shortcut

Copying text from websites or highly formatted documents using usual copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) routine, brings along all the unwanted text formatting. This may include text with different font size, colors, images, tables, borders etc. Plain Text is a portable utility that

Format PHP files for neat lines / code placement

PHP code files work in background to power many websites and blogs (including tothepc). For wesbite visitors PHP code does not matter but ask a website developer. Proper formatting of lines in a PHP file helps in easy editing and searching for specific code. Beautify PHP is an online tool

Remove text & character formatting from email text

Email can have lot of character formatting, specially forwarded emails contain loads of ">" characters. Manually editing and removing such characters takes lot of time and effort. How about doing it with a click of button using StripMail? It is a free application that can free up email

Change letter or word case, free case changer utility

Certain set of computer users like editors, writers, students and programmers deal with lot of text on daily basis. Different assignment has different text format needs. Primitive Case Changer can be handy utility if you often toggle between different formats of text. Just copy and paste

Get CSS Code for different text formatting, TypeChart

Getting all messed up in coding CSS for perfect text decoration? Well, Typechart is handy place to view different text formatting and grab related CSS code. You can preview and compare web typography