Free language translation desktop tool [One Click]


Google Translate is most easy and quick way to translate any text / webpage into different languages. You can extend the ease of using Google Translate through Google Translate Client. It is a free tool which makes process of translating text involving less clicks. Ideally one would go to Google translate webpage and paste the text or URL and then start the translation.


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You can forget all that using this free translation client. After install, it sits on the system tray. You can select text from any Windows application like Outlook, MS Word, Internet Explorer, Firefox and more. After selection, click the Translate Client icon on the system tray to see translated text in a flash. Download Google Translate Client for one click language translation minus jumps from one window to another.



  1. is there something like a free translation service that we can use online ? ..”

  2. hey can anyone point me out on free translations tools ? .`’

  3. This is amazing! I never knew about it, though I use Google Translate sometimes in my work as a translator and was quite enthused at the launch of Google’s Translator Toolkit. I am going to download Google Translate client right now! Thanks.

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