Free RSS Feed News Ticker on desktop, EasyDeskTicker


There are number of ways to read content of an RSS feed like Google Reader, offline Feed readers, email subscription. Here is another way to view content of a RSS feed, which is more interactive and ‘in your face’.

EasyDeskTicker is a free application that adds cool RSS Feed News ticker to your desktop. You will see constant scrolling contents of a specific RSS feed at the top or bottom of the desktop screen. There are number of options to customize RSS ticker.

First step involves selecting and adding RSS feed URL. There are few predefined feed option like BBC News and option to add any other feed of your choice. Then select size of the RSS ticker and its position among top / bottom.

You can also customize the look of RSS ticker in terms of background color, font color and size. It also allows you to customize ticker speed and RSS refresh time. Download EasyDeskTicker and enjoy updates from your favorite websites and blog. Very neat and useful at wonderful price of $0

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