Free RSS Feed News Ticker on desktop, EasyDeskTicker

There are number of ways to read content of an RSS feed like Google Reader, offline Feed readers, email subscription. Here is another way to view content of a RSS feed, which is more interactive and 'in your face'. EasyDeskTicker is a free application that adds

Convert Podcast feed into an iPhone website

Podcast Producers, what to expand your audience to iPhone and iPod Touch users with free iphone ready websites? VenueM lets you do same for free. It converts any RSS podcast feed into an iPhone - iPod Touch web site instantly. To get started, create a free account and enter relevant RSS

4 Awesome Widgets showing RSS content with Wowzio

Ever blog and almost every website has respective RSS feed. There are number of RSS to HTML services and can even use Google to put any RSS feed on your website. Wowzio is one mind blowing service (Yeah, I am too impressed!) that allows you to show RSS feed content is very attractive