Open .JAR Java archive files


A JAR file (or Java ARchive) is an archive file format that contain other files, programs and libraries. It is compression file format for Java application that may contain files to execute or run the program. They are similar to ZIP archive format and any program used to open ZIP files can be used for JAR archive files.

Use Archive Extraction software

1. Use IZArc free archive opening program to open JAR files.
2. 7Zip program also come handy in opening JAR archive files.

Open Executable JAR files

1. Update computer with latest JAVA software.
2. Double click executable jar files to open it.

Alternatively, you can use the command line java -jar <filename.jar> to open executable jar files (note: only works with executable jar files). [Create JAR Java archive files with JarWizard]



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  2. Niranjan Dhumale says

    I hav many .jar file some of then get open with winzip or winrar, but most of then don’t get open. What should i do??

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