Change 7-Zip toolbar buttons theme look

7-zip is a popular free archive manager to open zip archive files. You can use 7-Zip to open different format of archive files including zip, rar, tar, gzip and many more. While it is an effective program for opening variety of zip files, look-wise program may look out-dated and too

How to Zip, Unzip files & folder on Windows

[Back to Basics] Zip format is a handy way to share lot of files and folders in the form of a single file. Windows has in-built functionality that allows you to create zip files containing any specific files and folders. Also, you can open zip archive file without any need to install or

Compare Jar & Zip files: Jarcomp comparison tool

Do you want to compare contents of a Jar (java) and Zip (archive) files? Jarcomp is a free, portable and cross platform tool for comparion of Jar and Zip files. It helps you identify differences in content of 2 selected files. It shows which files have been added, which have been removed

Open RAR files on MAC OSX

Just like ZIP, RAR is a popular archive compression format. There are number of software programs to open RAR files on Windows like 7Zip archiver. Are you looking for an easy way to open RAR file on MAC OSX? UnRarX is a free application to expand rar archives on MAX OSX

Convert 7Zip archive into EXE, self executing file

Just like zip, 7Zip is a popular archive file format. For an end user, extracting zip file is more easy as compared to 7zip archive files - because 7zip files require special 7zip archive software to extract its contents. 7-ZIP SFX Maker is a useful tool to convert 7Zip archive files into

Open .JAR Java archive files

A JAR file (or Java ARchive) is an archive file format that contain other files, programs and libraries. It is compression file format for Java application that may contain files to execute or run the program. They are similar to ZIP archive format and any program used to open ZIP files

Create JAR Java archive files with JarWizard

For starters: A JAR file (or Java ARchive) aggregates many files into one and is used by software developers to distribute Java classes and associated metadata through .jar files. Are you looking for a quick way to create executable JAR files? Small utility Java JarWizard makes .jar file

Convert between Zip, 7Zip, gZip Archive files

Do you have 7Zip archive file that should be converted to Zip file format? ArcConvert is a handy utility to convert archive files between different archive formats. It supports conversion among formats like: Zip, 7Zip, gZip, Bzip2 and Xz. It has simple and easy to use interface for quick

Open RAR, TAR, gZIP, ZIP files with free 7-Zip archiver

Generally we bump into ZIP archive files, which are fairly easy to open. Same is not true for opening RAR, TAR and gZIP files. 7-ZIP is free open source utility to open majority of common archive files. After the install, just right click on RAR or any other archive file and goto 7-Zip

How to extract multiple archive ZIP Files in one GO?

Archive (zip, rar etc) file is a good way to share collection of files in an easy and simple manner. However, things can get bit boring and time consuming if you have to unzip and open lots of zip files. Ideally, one would open each archive file one by one and see the