Disable flash, silverlight & javascript in Firefox

Adobe Flash, Javascript, Microsoft Silverlight, Java are few technology platforms that provide support for dynamic content on the internet. Sometimes, these can cause issue and user may want to disable it temporarily. If you use Firefox as default browser, then you can easily disable or

Upload photos from desktop to flickr, Zoomr: jUploadr

jUploadr is a portable java based tool to quickly upload photos from desktop to online photo services like Flickr and Zoomr. It is a cross platform tool and is available for free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It has easy to use "drag drop" interface support for easy loading

Add or Remove Java icon on system tray

Do you want to display Java icon on the system tray on your computer? On the contrary, do you want to clean up icon clutter on the system tray and remove Java icon from there. In either case, you can easily add or remove Java icon on the system tray on your computer in few simple

Disable JQS.exe process & free memory

We have already discused about JQS.exe process. It stands for Java Quick Start, which catches Java runtime files to faciliate quick loading of Java applets and apps on the computer. Being a memory hogger and used rarely by average computer user, you can disable this process and free up

What is JQS.exe process

There are number of processes that start and run in the background on your Windows computer. JQS.exe is a classic example of such process. JQS stands for Java Quick Start. As the name suggests, it is related to Java installed on the computer. A quick look at Task Manager show JQS.exe

Compare Jar & Zip files: Jarcomp comparison tool

Do you want to compare contents of a Jar (java) and Zip (archive) files? Jarcomp is a free, portable and cross platform tool for comparion of Jar and Zip files. It helps you identify differences in content of 2 selected files. It shows which files have been added, which have been removed

Open .JAR Java archive files

A JAR file (or Java ARchive) is an archive file format that contain other files, programs and libraries. It is compression file format for Java application that may contain files to execute or run the program. They are similar to ZIP archive format and any program used to open ZIP files

Create JAR Java archive files with JarWizard

For starters: A JAR file (or Java ARchive) aggregates many files into one and is used by software developers to distribute Java classes and associated metadata through .jar files. Are you looking for a quick way to create executable JAR files? Small utility Java JarWizard makes .jar file

Download latest Java version [online /offline installer setup]

Java software is required to run Java based application program software on the computer. It is important to have updated and latest version of Java installed on the computer. We have already seen JavaRa utility to remove older versions of Java. After that, you can download the latest

Uninstall / remove Java runtime environment JRE old versions

Java runtime environment (JRE) is essential software to run Java based applications on the computer. With newer release, old version of Java is no longer required and should be removed from the computer. JavaRa is a simple portable utility to uninstall / remove older version of Java in few