Prepare Orkut profile for Holiday & Christmas Season


Christmas and holiday season may be sub-dued in real life due to on-going global meltdown and down-turn. Hey, online Christmas and holiday fun this year will be better than ever before.

If you are an active Orkut users, then here are few goodies to deck up your Orkut profile for upcoming holiday season fun. Orkut has created special page to access Holiday goodies for Orkut. As pointed by Orkut blog, it has 3 cool Orkut applications for some fun and enjoyment. Here goes:

BuddyPoke to express yourself in 3D this Christmas. Send virtual presents and spread the holiday cheer with BuddyPoke. My Music to listen to all of your favorite holiday music from every era and share it with your friends. Christmas Tree to create and decorate your personalized Christmas tree on orkut. Leave Christmas presents with messages under your friends’ Christmas trees.

So, with above 3 applications you can get all the cool music, virtual presents and a virtual christmas tress full of presents. With all such goodies, your Orkut friend for sure will be visit your Orkut profile and get involved. Click here to access it all.


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