Import Picasa images into Orkut photo albums

Google is integrating Picasa and Orkut for better photo management. Previously, it added upload to Orkut button for directly uploading photos to Orkut from Picasa desktop software. Now it has added 'Import from Picasa' option on web photo albums page in Orkut account. Direct Picasa to

Upload photos on Orkut from Picasa desktop

For starters: Orkut(.com) is a 'Facebook' like social networking website from Google and Picasa is a free desktop photo editing software from Google. If you happen to use Picasa for editing photos and also an active user of Orkut, then editing and sharing photos on Orkut just became more

Share on Orkut bookmarklet for IE, Firefox, Chrome browser

Orkut went little more social with recent radical makeover. Just like share on Twitter, share on Facebook buttons, you can use "Share on Orkut" button to quickly share any webpage or online content with Orkut friends in a single click. We have already seen way to add 'Share on Orkut'

Add Share on Orkut button on WordPress blog

Orkut went for extreme makeover and got little closer to Facebook. Besides user interface changes, new features were also introduced. Just like Facebook and Twitter, now you can also add 'Share on Orkut' button to your Wordpress blog. A click on Share on Orkut button will post specific

Receive Orkut scrap notification on desktop

If you are an Orkut addict, then staying in sync with new scraps from Orkut friends is very important. No need getting tired of refreshing Orkut webpage for checking latest scraps, following are two ways to be in touch with latest Orkut scrap notifications: 1. Orkut Scrap Notifier -

New Orkut help forum for all your questions

Orkut has number of users worldwide, specially in India and Brazil. With so many features, options - many users have Orkut questions that needs to be answered. Orkut has made things simpler with new Orkut help forum. It is an ideal place where you can find answers to your orkut questions

Prepare Orkut profile for Holiday & Christmas Season

Christmas and holiday season may be sub-dued in real life due to on-going global meltdown and down-turn. Hey, online Christmas and holiday fun this year will be better than ever before. If you are an active Orkut users, then here are few goodies to deck up your Orkut profile for

Backup your Orkut Community with BackupMate

Do you run a popular community on Orkut? If yes, make sure you backup your community to prevent any deletion by a hacker or an Orkut member. OrkutPlus has launched a web based tool 'Community BackupMate' that allows you to backup Orkut community topics with few simple clicks. Once you

Now Access Orkut on Mobile, ready for quick scrap ?

Here is one more way to stay connected with your Orkut friends - Orkut on Mobile. Google has launched mobile version of Orkut which support basic Orkut tasks. Point your mobile browser to and login using Google Account. Besides mobile, you can also access this in Internet