Proper body posture to sit in front of Computer

Whether you are using Windows PC, MAC computer or Google Chromebook - it is important to maintain proper body posture while using these devices. You may suffer physical harm if using these devices if wrong body posture is kept. RSI (also called Repetitive Strain Injury) could be possible

Restrict kids computer usage to specific hours time

Is your child spending too much on computer? Well, its time to restrict computer usage and this does not involve lot of efforts. Romaco Timeout is a free application that allow restricting computer usage to specific amount of hours in a day. Different usage time can be set for different

How to track & review your computer usage?

We tend to spend lot of time on computer and never bother to review which applications did we use more or less? There are utilities to check - since when did you restart Windows on your PC and here is more. ManicTime is cool utility that allows you to track computer usage. Using this