Tips to improve Facebook video calling quality

Not impressed with quality of video during video chatting session on Facebook? Facebook uses Skype back-end for its new Facebook Video Calling service. Hence, quality of video calls should be good enough just like on Skype. However, if you are not getting crisp video or it is getting stuck

Uninstall & remove Facebook video calling plugin

Facebook video calling plugin should be installed on your Windows or MAC system to use video calling feature on facebook. We have already seen easy Facebook video calling setup procedure. Once you download and install this small plugin (from Skype), you can video chat with Facebook friends

How to setup Facebook video calling feature

Facebook finally gets much requested feature of video calling among Facebook friends. Powered by Skype, now you can video call any Facebook friend within web browser at a click of a button. If you hate typing on usual text chat on Facebook, switch to video calling for voice and video