Sort folders by size on Windows

Where is all my disk space gone?, Which files & folders are taking up all the space on hard drive? - these are common questions that trouble a Windows user when no or less disk space message appears. By default, you can manually check size of each folder and compare with other folders

How to show Folder Size in Windows Explorer

Pressing (Win + E) keys launches Windows Explorer for easy browsing of contents including drives, folders and files. While files have size listing under size column (in detailed view), there is no size display for folders while viewing in Windows Explorer. Free utility 'Folder Size' can

See List of Largest files & folders on your computer

Ever wanted to know what is taking so much space on your computer? Yes, there are many free applications to show details of files and storage complete with fancy graphs. How about keeping things real simple and relevant? Primitive File Size chart quickly lists top 50 largest folders and