Learn basic Windows 8 touch & mouse gestures

Among many features of Windows 8 operating system, touch gestures steals the limelight. With introduction of metro user interface, Windows 8 supports touch and mouse gestures (as used on touch enabled devices like ipad, Galaxy tab and even on touch screen mobile phones). For starters,

How to use 4 fingers multi tasking gestures on iPad

As of now we use either 1 or 2 finger to navigate or pinch (in-out) to zoom content on Apple iPad. iOS 5 update has added mutli-tasking gestures feature that involves usage of 4 or 5 fingers. When 4 or 5 fingers are used in specific direction, you can perform more tasks and navigate more

Use alphabet Gestures to search on Android phone

Is searching for specific item like contact or music track on your Android phone taking too much time and effort? Now you can perform this routine quickly without stressing yourself using Google Gesture Search for Android powered devices. It allows you to quickly search and find a contact,