Convert SWF flash files to HTML5 format

Are you looking for a workaround to play SWF flash format files on devices where flash player is not installed? Computer with no Flash player installed or no-flash support devices like iPhone, iPad - will not playback Flash SWF format content in its original format. You can easily overcome

Type quickly with word & phrase sugggestions

Do you want to type quickly with variety of words and phrases? Google Scribe is a text completion service that helps you type quickly. It provide suggestions for correct or popular phrases as you type. Word or phrase completion suggestions are provided on the basis of text already typed in

Drag to zoom specific locations on Google Maps

Google Maps is a cool online way of exploring different places and regions around the world. Zoom is most important routine while using Google Maps. It can be tiring to zoom Google Maps using default slider or click to zoom action. You make this easy while zooming to specific locations on

See ‘above the fold’ (without scrolling) browsing area of website

"Above the fold" is a common term used to explain position of elements like image, advertisement etc on websites. It is the visible browsing area of a website that can be seen by users without having to scroll webpage. Google Labs online tool "Browser Size" allows you to see similar