Post Facebook notifications on Twitter: TweetMyFace

Facebook and Twitter are two most popular social networking platforms on the internet. If you happen you to use both and want to spread activity between your Twitter & Facebook account, then try TweetMyFace application. It is a portable software to publish / post Facebook notification

How to test read & write speed of USB flash drive?

Do you want to test speed of your USB flash drive? USBDeview is a cool utility that allows you to measure read and write speed of any USB flash drive connected to the computer. To get started, download USBDeview utility, unzip it and double click its icon to start the utility. This utility

Create eBook containing tweets of Twitter account

If you tweet very interesting stuff in your Twitter accout, how about creating an ebook containing tweets of your Twitter account? Tweetbook allows you to create a PDF ebook (or XML output) with nicely date-wise publication of tweets in your account. Related - Backup your Twitter