Display latest Twitter tweet as forum signature

Twitter content changes very quickly. You can easily display latest content of your Twitter account on blog, website or forum as signature, automatically. This is can done using either of online tools for generating image with your latest tweet from specific Twitter account. Just copy the

Generate cool Twitter Signature image showing your latest tweet

Twitter signature image is a cool and quick way to publicize your Twitter profile and get more followers (hopefully). Just like TwitSig, Twitter Signature Styles is a cool online tool to generate stylish Twitter signature image showing your latest tweet. You can select among different cool

Twitter tool: Convert your Latest Tweets into Images

Here comes another creative and useful Twitter tool - Twitsig. It allows you to convert your latest Tweet on twitter into a signature image. With a simple code you can show lastet tweet as a signature on any blog, forum or other web services. To use this service,  you need this