Is Microsoft dot .NET framework installed on my computer?

Microsoft (dot) .NET framework is required to run different application software based on this framework. Different applications will need different minimum version of .NET framework to able to install and run on the computer. Hence, it is important to check "... Is Microsoft dot .NET

How to check version of Yahoo Messenger ?

Knowing Yahoo Messenger version is very important to determine if you are using old version software with bugs or latest version that offer more feature, improvements and security. Here is simple way to check version of Yahoo Messenger installed on your computer. Related - How to set

What is the version of .Net framework on computer?

.Net framework is required for number of applications. For different applications, different version of .Net framework is required. If a specific application needs version 3.0 and not version 2.0 - how can you check for the existing version of .Net framework installed on the

Is my Windows Vista & XP 32bit or 64bit version?

We never bother to check if Windows Vista or Windows XP installed on computer is 32bit or 64bit version. However, bells ring when you need to know exact version to install any specific program or for any other task. 32bit or 64bit? It is not difficult to check on the exact version of