How to add Watermark to Microsoft Word document

A watermark is faint text or image in the background of the document. Watermark enhances the appearance of your document and also serve as added protection from illegal copying of documents. For example, official company documents have their official logo or company byline text on

Add copyright watermark to PDF files online

We often add watermark message on images to protect them from illegal copying. Besides images, we can use similar watermarking technique to protect PDF document files. PDF Watermark is an online tool to add quick watermark to any PDF file. To get started, click browse button to upload PDF

Free software to add effects, text, bubbles to photos

PhotoTitle is a free software to perform basic photo editing tasks. You can add comments, time stamps, pictures and thinking bubbles to your digital photos. It allows you to format font properties while adding text or title to photos. You can also add the date and time to photo extracted

Batch resize & watemark with free converter software

Overloaded with lot of photos? Don't have time to process and correct each photo one by one? You can save lot of time and effort by working on multiple photos in batches. Pixillion Image Converter is a free software that supports basic image operations in batch mode. You can use this to