Set Wikipedia Random article as homepage to read new everyday

Majority of us set "Google" website as default homepage in web browser. While Google is good, have you noticed how many times did you actually use Google when opening browser window for the first time. We tend to use Google Search more when actual browsing starts at later time. On the

Ways to download & save full copy of Wikipedia offline is a huge resource for online information. It has updated and relevant information about virtually every topic of user interest. Ideally, you can open specific Wikipedia article page and goto File > Save As in the web browser for an offline copy of that Wikipedia page.

Read Wikipedia articles directly on Bing [enhanced view]

Bing has included Wikipedia content directly into its index. Besides showing relevant Wikipedia article links in search results, you can also read them directly on Bing search results pages. Enhanced view feature display Bing hosted Wikipedia article pages which are exactly same as

Get Email alert when your Wikipedia pages are edited

Wikipedia is a great source of information on virtually any topic. Anybody can make changes on information on majority of Wikipedia pages which sometimes results in bad and incorrect information. Wiki Alarm provide an easy way to keep check on this by sending out email alert whenever your

Download ‘Wikipedia for Schools’ for Offline viewing

SOS Children UK and the Wikimedia together has released 2008-09 Wikipedia for Schools. This updated version has the content of a 20 volume encyclopedia - with 34,500 pictures, 20 million words and articles on more than 5500 topics. It is useful for 8-17 year olds who broadly follow the

Browse Wikipedia without Internet with WikiTaxi

How can you browse Wikipedia without connecting to internet? Well, one smart way is to dump wikipedia in compressed format on your computer and refer any wikipedia article without the need of internet. WikiTaxi lets you do the same, it is a portable application that delivers Wikipedia

Bored? Surf Random Wikipedia Articles with a Click

Sometimes internet can be a boring place, when you are lost on ideas and websites worth visiting. Wikipedia can help you over-come this boredom by dishing out fresh Wikipedia article for your reading pleasure. With a single click you can pull a random Wikipedia page and learn