How to create RAR files on Windows, Mac

Just like ZIP compression format, RAR is another similar archive compression format. RAR is an acronym for Roshal Archive, inspired by the name of its developer: Eugene Roshal. Created RAR archive files have .RAR file extension. WinRAR is best software application to create and open RAR

How to open ISO file on Windows

ISO image files are supposed to be burnt on CD, DVD media discs. After the burn, you can access content held in specific ISO file by playing CD, DVD dics on the computer. Do you want to open and see contents of ISO file without having to burn it on media disc? WinRAR program can easily

UnLock protected RAR archive files via WinRAR Unlock

Just like Winzip (zip), winrar is another popular archive format. One can create locked WinRAR archive file using archive creators. Such files cannot be  modified by everyone and are protected from content changes. WinRAR unlock is a small utility that allows you to break this lock and